What to do to get a bronze tan?

What to do to get a bronze tan?

Do you dream of a beautiful bronze tan? Check out what to do to give yourself a unique skin color that will stay with you for a long time.

A bronze tan is the dream of many women!

There is a reason why plenty of ladies appreciate lying on the beach for long periods of time. They want to get a bronze tan! For several years, tanning was not viewed very positively, and experts advised rather to protect yourself in the shade. However, there’s no denying that today many women outright can’t wait to be tanned by the sun! Are you one of them? Check out what to do to get your tan of the desired shade.

Tan intensively, but with breaks

Keep in mind that lying on the beach all day is not a good idea. We have a completely different suggestion for you, and that is to tan intensively, but with breaks. When you don’t have moderation, you can achieve an undesirable effect – that is, a red tan. Tan this way: an hour on the beach, an hour on a walk in a shady place. And so a few times, for a break go to a hotel room, lunch or just sit in the shade. We guarantee that the effect will satisfy you!

Always use sunscreen

Sunburn is very dangerous. It’s not just that your skin will burn. Such situations increase the risk of skin cancer, and this alone should be reason enough for you to reach for a sunscreen. A good quality cosmetic does not restrict tanning, but protects your skin. To get a tan, choose an SPF 30 or SPF 20 sunscreen, and remember to reapply the cream every 2-3 hours, as well as after swimming.

Tan on the move

Don’t forget that tanning is possible not only while lying flat on the beach. Tanning on the move – while walking, playing beach volleyball or playing with your child – is no less effective! Sometimes you can even tan more this way. And since movement is health, the benefits will be double in this situation.

Moisturize your skin

Do you forget to moisturize your skin? This is a basic mistake that makes even the most beautiful tan look bad. You should remember to moisturize your skin all year round, but when tanning it is especially important. After each tanning session, you should deeply moisturize your skin. This is a way to replenish moisture lost in the sun. Also, don’t forget soothing lotions.

Remember about water

Safety is paramount. So, in addition to using sunscreen, always have a bottle of water with you at the beach and hydrate regularly. Admittedly, this alone does not affect the color of your tan in any way, but your health and safety – significantly!

main photo: unsplash.com/Nate Johnston

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