5 Halloween night activities that will bring you and your friends a lot of fun

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october 31 is associated by many people with lavish Halloween parties. You don’t have to go to a ball right away to have a great time. We have prepared a list of ideas that you should use during your house party. All of them are terrifyingly good! See for yourself!

Best disguise contest

Costumes are an indispensable element of every Halloween party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on professional make-up. All you need is a little creativity and time. This is definitely the time of the year when you can go wild and let your imagination run wild.

So when everyone arrives at their destination, organize a contest for the best disguise. Let everyone present themselves in a funny or scary way and let the others judge them. Then tally up the points and see who gets the honorable first place. Good fun is guaranteed!

A movie full of horror

Horror movies can be a thrilling experience even under normal circumstances, and it’s even more thrilling when you play it at a Halloween party with costumed guests, decorations, pumpkin lanterns and all the aura. If you have the chance, try to watch the horror movie on a big projector to make the effect even bigger and more impressive. You can also tape or cover the windows. It’s important to turn your phones off or mute them so the ringing of incoming calls or messages doesn’t disturb the atmosphere.

A slightly different version of the shuffleboard

Who remembers the game of tiddlywinks from childhood? The rules are simple – you blindfold one person with a headband/scarf/scarf, twirl it a few times and quickly move away. The other person’s task is to find you all by the sounds you make, which is not so easy with your eyes covered. Take advantage of the Halloween atmosphere and imitate scary squeals, ominous laughter, howling wolves, hysterical cries or owl cries. It is worth it!

Mummy made of… toilet paper

Another fun game, which usually involves a lot of laughter, is the mummy game. In this case you need lots and lots of toilet paper rolls. A paper towel will also do.

Depending on the number of participants, divide into pairs or larger groups and choose the candidate who will become the mummy. Put on some party music and get to work! The pair or team that wraps the lucky person’s entire roll first wins.

A mysterious box with scary contents

Finally, an equally simple but interesting game. Prepare the box in advance and cut a hole in it, through which you can squeeze your hand. Decorate it according to the Halloween spirit. Then hide a mysterious object inside and pass the box one by one until one of the guests guesses what it is.

Of course it is best to put things that are not very pleasant to the touch, jelly-like and slimy. Watch your guests’ reactions then – they will be unforgettable.

Main photo: Ruan Richard/unsplash.com

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