9 daily activities that take away your beauty

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Bad habits, customs, ignorance or laziness can have a negative impact on our skin. Remember that every little step has a big impact, especially if it is repeated often.

Face soap

When you shower, do you immediately wash your face with soap? This is a big mistake, even if it is a natural product with oils or other substances. All soap has an alkaline reaction (pH between 8 and 10), with the pH of our skin being 5.5.

Have you noticed that your skin feels tight after such washing? No wonder, the soap “sucked” all the moisture out of it, and then it is difficult to regain adequate hydration. Skin can become so dysregulated that it either starts to produce excessive sebum production or to peel.

Makeup removal with micellar solution only

The second issue is washing your makeup with micellar fluid only. It seems like there’s nothing wrong with that, but haven’t you ever wondered why you have to use up a ton of cotton balls and still feel like each one is still dirty after wiping your face with it?

Micellar lotion is great for removing superficial impurities, but it can’t tackle deeper, hidden pores. This is where you need water – with a gel or foam cleanser and, for heavy, long-lasting or waterproof makeup, an oil.

If you don’t remove your makeup thoroughly, you leave the dirt behind and clog your sebaceous glands. And on top of that in the morning you apply another layer of makeup. The result? Blackheads and other imperfections, and even acne.

Sleeping with make-up on

Another nightmare is going to bed in full makeup – whether it’s after a party or (horror of horrors!) every day. Even if you get home in the morning and are very tired, you absolutely must wash off all cosmetics and impurities.

While you sleep, your body regenerates – and so does your skin. However, in this case, you are not giving it a chance to do so. Your pores will be clogged, and from there it’s only a short way to pimples. On top of that, your skin will become red, puffy and dry, accentuating wrinkles and bags under your eyes. Leaving mascara on your lashes also promotes hair loss.

Remember that repeatedly avoiding makeup removal in the evening will not only exacerbate beauty flaws, but also contribute to the formation of new ones. You have so many makeup remover products on the market that you are sure to find one that you can use quickly, but that will have an effective effect.

photo by Andrea Piacquadio/ pexels.com

Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and poor diet

Leading an unhygienic lifestyle does not lead to anything good. You can immediately see by your skin what condition our health is in and what bad habits we indulge in. Do you drink a lot of coffee, alcohol and eat a bad diet? Your skin has worse conditions for regeneration and ages faster.

The same is true if you smoke, and even if you are around smokers on a daily basis – passive smoking is just as damaging to the skin. The stimulants and lack of nutrients and vitamins quickly cause loss of radiance and a grayish complexion.

A lot of stress

Constant nerves make the skin dry, dehydrated, tight and poorly oxygenated and lack freshness. Stress also negatively affects the hair, which can start to fall out, and the body, where cellulite can form and other areas are swollen.

Not enough water

Do you have a guilty conscience about not drinking water regularly? Your skin needs to be hydrated – not just from the outside, but especially from the inside. The right amount of water (an average of 8 glasses a day) ensures a firm complexion, strong nails, pretty hair and a slim figure. Remember to always have it at hand!

photo: Karolina Grabowska/ pexels.com

Forgetting about hand cream..

A woman’s age can be seen not only on her neck, but also on her hands. They are the ones exposed to changing weather conditions, friction, wetting or contact with chemicals. Before each walk, as well as after washing the dishes or tidying up, apply a cream on your hands that will effectively moisturize them and restore comfort, and make dry cuticles go away.

…and to the feet

Feet – you take care of them in spring and summer, but for the next six months, when you hide them in socks, you do not pay them much attention. This shouldn’t be the case. If you take care of year-round care (nourishing and softening cream every day, and exfoliating socks once every 2-3 months), then your feet will always look stunning in sandals or flip-flops.

Turning up the heating and air conditioning

Do you heat up your rooms or your car a lot in the winter and cool it down a lot in the summer? Unfortunately, this quickly affects your skin: it’s dry, full of unsightly cuticles and irritated. By the way, it still becomes necessary to moisturize the eyes.

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Main photo: Gian Cescon/ unsplash.com

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