How to wear classics without creating the effect of boredom

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Do you think classics are boring and bland? Check out our tips to find out how you can easily spice up any outfit.

Classics in women’s fashion are above all timeless closet elements, of which we are able to create many sets – both for everyday, for work, and for larger, more formal outings. The key here is the selection of appropriate cuts. In the case of classics, there is no question of cuts that do not fit the figure, disturbing its proportions.

Of great importance in the selection of classic clothes and accessories are the materials from which they are made. The best are natural and breathable fabrics. They are supposed to last in perfect condition for many years.

Most often the clothes are uniform, without exaggerated decorations and strong prints (except for checkered and floral patterns, which go well with a monochromatic closet). There is a lot of black, beige and grey, as well as navy blue and maroon.

Shirt in several ways

What is the most popular element of a classic women’s closet? The white shirt. We can wear it at any age, at any time of the year and for many different occasions – more or less official. It all depends on how we style it. For example, for a classic shirt and jeans it is worth adding red stilettos or boots, a long, delicate necklace and an interesting handbag.

The shirt may be fitted or oversized, of flowing or stiffer material. Here, we must choose one which will suit us and in which we will feel comfortable. The cut itself can improve our styling. Perhaps a cut with buffet sleeves or with cut-outs, very fashionable this season, will suit us.

What is more, the shirt may also be treated as a dress – then choose a longer model made of non-transparent material (it will be good to look for a submissive dress).

The front of the shirt may also be unbuttoned from the bottom to the middle and tied in a knot, thus making a short top. This solution is especially suitable for summer. We also recommend the recently very fashionable treatment of the shirt as an outer garment – both light models and those made of thicker material will work well here. An interesting idea would also be to put a short top over it

Tie your workout with… a purse!

Many of us can’t imagine our closet without a classic trench – beige or black. It’s very versatile and will go well with jeans, elegant pants, skirts or dresses. If weather conditions allow, you can let it loose, which will slenderize your silhouette, while a handbag will surely be an impressive addition.

Nowadays different types of bags reign, such as kidneys, sachets, crescent-shaped bags, baguettes or saddlebags, and even small bags resembling phone cases. Try using them as a belt and you will see that the whole look will become more fashionable and interesting.

Flower dress – rock or romantic?

We have already mentioned the classic print, which is flowers. They usually appear on a dress, which seems to be an absolute must have, especially in spring and summer. So how can you change it a bit? Shoes and outerwear play an important role here.

A great way to rock style is to combine a floral dress with boots, heavy sneakers, cowboy boots or even boots and a leather jacket. An interesting break from the subtle pattern will be a denim katana and white sneakers

We can also opt for a more romantic look with a cardigan and flat-heeled shoes.

Not so ordinary pencil skirt

Finally, we suggest another approach to the formal pencil skirt. Pair it with a masculine cut shirt, a chunky sweater (tucked in) or a simple T-shirt.

You can also buy this classic skirt not in office navy blue or gray, but for example in bottle green, red or in a pattern imitating snake skin, check or peas.

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