Fashionable clothes for women with an hourglass figure

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It is said that the hourglass figure is the ideal and most harmonious of all. Therefore, it is worth to emphasize all its assets with the right outfit. Find out what clothes are best for women with hourglass figure.

Narrow waist, full bust and proportionate hips and shoulders. This is the hourglass figure, a synonym for harmony when it comes to the type of female figure. So if you have such a figure, it is necessary to emphasize it! We suggest what clothes and cuts will be the best and the most suitable for you.

The best option for an hourglass figure: dresses

Dresses are very graceful clothes when it comes to the hourglass figure. Moreover, this figure looks great in almost every model of dress – starting from those typical for cocktails, through extremely fashionable jacket dresses, to the evening creations straight from Hollywood. The most important thing, however, is that the dress emphasizes a strong waistline and a noticeable proportionality of the figure

Hourglass shaped women look particularly good in classic, close-fitting pencil or bodycon dresses, which emphasize all their greatest assets. If you want to go for a more loose and airy outfit, be sure to match it with a belt.

Which pants and skirts should I choose?

And which pants or skirts are best? Surely, ones that will not upset your ideal body proportions. Any high-waisted model will be a great choice, as it will emphasize the waistline. In the case of pants, those with wider and looser legs will look very good. They are not only suitable for an hourglass figure, but also very fashionable

When it comes to skirts, choose those made of lightweight material, but be careful not to make them baggy. This way the skirt will flow nicely around your hips, giving you a very sensual and feminine look

What to wear on top?

We already know what pants and skirts look best, but what to wear on top? Women with an hourglass figure look great in tops that emphasize or even expose the bust line. However, more minimalistic and less daring blouses, such as those with classic half-circle necklines, or timeless turtlenecks or half-golfs, will also look great

In fact, there are not many fashion restrictions for this figure type – hourglass women usually look good in everything.

What to Avoid

Although the hourglass figure can afford a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing clothes to suit her figure, there are a few cuts or materials that hourglass figure women should avoid. First of all, these are all clothes made of stiff materials which are not able to fit the harmonious lines of the figure, which characterize the hourglass figure

It is also worth avoiding all oversize clothes, which will look baggy and unfavorable, unless they are worn with a belt. Hourglass, especially those with fuller shapes, will also not like with creations richly decorated in the area of the neckline, because it will look heavy, and yet we care about subtly emphasizing the natural assets of the silhouette.

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