Backpack, kidney, handbag – how to carry them?

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Wondering what to take your things with you? You can choose from a variety of handbags, practical rucksacks and small kidneys. See which of these items is right for you

Styling with a Backpack

Although it is handbags that are most often used on everyday basis, more and more often we see rucksacks on the streets. They can enliven your hairstyle and, besides, are very comfortable to wear. Usually they can hold much more things than a classic handbag. They are perfect for shopping or going for a walk. They are even suitable for university or work, where there is no specific dress code. Backpacks can be a really brilliant accessory. It does not necessarily have to be chosen only for sporty outfits. A small backpack looks stylish even with airy dresses. Such versions, made of ecological leather, look very elegant. You can wear them with sweaters, jackets or coats. They also give an interesting effect when combined with a thick, warm cardigan. They are perfect for autumn. Women’s backpack will be suitable for many women. When buying, pay special attention to the fact that it is durable. You also need to feel comfortable in it. It is worth looking for models that are waterproof, as this is a very useful advantage

Fashionable kidney bags

Kidney pouches and sachets have become an extremely popular closet item. This is due to a couple of reasons. One of them is their versatility and convenience. They match with really many clothes. They can also be worn in a couple of ways, such as on the hip, waist or over the shoulder. Some ladies even place them in the hand or on the back. These kidneys come in both elegant and sporty versions. You can hide the most necessary things, which are always worth having with you. They will easily fit your wallet, keys and phone. The bag fastened around the hips perfectly emphasizes the waist. That is why it can be worn with oversize closet elements. It will match for example pants with a slightly looser cut. You may attach it to their belt loops. Then it will create casual and nonchalant styling

Sporty version of the bag looks great with a set consisting of a blouse and tracksuit bottoms. Such bags also go well with total looks, for example in black. Apart from the fact that they are perfect for everyday use, you can also choose them for bigger outings. Women ‘s satchel can look good even with elegant dresses or with suits. You can successfully wear it with jackets and coats. It is an element of clothing, with which you can experiment. This is due to a variety of colors and materials from which these bags are made

Practical and stylish bags

Handbags really come in many versions. For everyday outings the best bags are shopper bags. These are very capacious models, which are often chosen by many women. Depending on their version you can take them both to work and shopping. If they have classic colors, they are extremely versatile. A slightly more elegant item are various types of postcases. You can wear them with practically everything, which makes them suitable for minimalists. They go well with any styling with pants and give a casual feel together. In the winter season, for example, they can be matched with a warm turtleneck or a thick overcoat. Chain handbags are perfect for evening outings. They can be matched with a variety of dresses, both maxi and mini. They make a great duo with women’s suits as well. The same closet elements can be matched with popular baguette bags

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