5 “old” trends that will not leave the current ones for a long time

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Do you get rid of clothes that are out of fashion, or do you hide them in a box and take them to the attic? The latter is definitely a better option, as things that are out of fashion at the moment might be on trend in a few years! Fashion likes to come full circle. Check out the hot trends from years ago that are still going strong!

1. Denim above all else!

Denim has been around since the 1990s. Back then, denim was king in the streets and almost everyone was crazy about it. At that time, the shelves were overflowing with denim pants, shirts and even denim shoes.

The fashion for denim has never ended. Even today, every season some item of clothing made of denim is a hot trend. Nowadays, pants made of this material and jackets are extremely fashionable. The most important thing to know about denim is that it is the best material to wear. For this reason, worn and scuffed items were the most popular.

2. Platforms are always on trend

Just like the Spice Girls, many women in the 90s loved platform shoes. Today, this fashion is back, with more or less echo. Every few years, platform sneakers or boots become popular. Not everyone considers it something nice, but platforms have their loyal fans. This is a good option for people who find stilettos uncomfortable.

3. Crop top – this is it!

The vast majority of women have at least one crop top in their closet. They decide to wear it as the main element of their outfit, or underneath a catana or a blouse. Did you know that this trend dates back 30 years ago? It peaked in the 1990s when Britney Spears started wearing short blouses. It is still fashionable today and is coming back in different forms. Sometimes short tops are more fashionable and sometimes strapless tops.

4. Neons and colors

Neons are the colors of spring and summer. We like to wear neon clothes to parties, but also as an addition to regular outfits. Clothing in these shades began to be popular more than twenty years ago. Back then yellow, purple or pink blouses, sweatshirts or accessories gained popularity. They were usually chosen by bold people. This trend is not going to leave us!

5. Long live the chiffon!

The Spandex is the symbol of the nineties. It’s hard to think of anyone who didn’t own a tracksuit made from this material back then. It’s been out of favor for a while, but recently it’s come back into favor! Of course, in a slightly different, modern version, but always. A well styled orthalion tracksuit can delight many people. It does not have to be in one color. You can also choose only pants or only sweatshirt made of this material and combine with a slightly different element of your closet. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination!

main photo: unsplash.com/Andre Sebastian

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