How to deal with bags and dark circles under the eyes?

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Stress, fatigue, sleepless nights, poor diet and insufficient hydration of the body – these factors adversely affect our body, which can be seen, among others, on our face. Dark circles and bags under the eyes appear quickly, but do they disappear just as quickly? We have prepared some tips to help you get rid of these unsightly side effects. Try them out!

Under-eye bags and dark circles – why do they form?

We are all well aware of how thin and sensitive the area around our eyes is. The appearance of bags and dark circles is often the result of sleepless nights, stress, fatigue, unhygienic lifestyles, poor nutrition, stimulants or drinking too little water. 

Sometimes this ailment is genetically inherited, which makes it really difficult to fight. In addition, if the following methods do not bring satisfactory results and the bags and dark circles continue to be present under the eyes, then you need to check your health. It might be because of thyroid disease, heart disease, kidney disease or allergy.

Proven ways to get rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes

Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate unsightly bags and dark circles under the eyes. We’ve listed the most effective ones below.

Take care of yourself and change your lifestyle

First of all start changing your habits, to be more precise – get enough sleep, limit stimulants or give them up completely, drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals and don’t add too much salt (salt retains water in the body, which promotes lymphatic stasis and puffiness under the eyes). In addition to all this, let’s not forget, of course, to take care of our inner peace, let’s not rub our eyes and regularly ventilate our apartments.

Food products not to the stomach, but under the eyes!

In your kitchen and fridge you have many products to help fight bags and dark circles under the eyes. The first that comes to mind is cucumber. Put chilled slices or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth over your eyes – for fifteen minutes. The cold has a shrinking effect on the lymphatic vessels, reducing swelling. Slices of raw potato or a poultice of grated potato, or a poultice of stiffly whipped egg whites will have a similar effect. Poultices made of cooled tea bags (previously brewed) – black or green – or coffee pads are also good.

Massage is good for everything

Massage is an effective way to relax, get rid of muscle pain, and is also great for bags under the eyes. Here, however, an important note – always start from the inner corner and move slowly to the outer corner. You can massage with your fingers, a cooled spoon, cotton buds or a special roller. 

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