How to dress in onions to look stylish?

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Thermal underwear, woollen clothes and accessories, big scarves, different patterns and textures – all this will help you create great outfits that are not only warm but also fashionable and trendy.

As the temperature outside gets colder, we should dress warmly and comfortably. How to keep these two features and at the same time not look like a shapeless ball? We suggest how to dress in layers not to get cold but to look fashionable and classy at the same time.

We recommend the onion solution, especially since the weather in our climate is very changeable – in the morning you need to wrap yourself up tightly, then in the sunshine it is warmer, and soon a strong wind starts blowing and a big chill comes.

Thermal underwear

At the beginning it is worth to start with the base, which is the thermal underwear. It can be an undershirt or a long-sleeved blouse and leggings. If we have such a set on, we can confidently put on a dress or a maxi skirt, which we thought would have to wait for a warmer time.

Leggings can also be easily hidden under pants – this season’s trends are still those with straight and flared legs. Thermo-active underwear is very comfortable, does not restrict movement and ensures that the correct body temperature is maintained.

If we do not want to put on thermal leggings, we can opt for thick tights, preferably woollen. They go well with a variety of dresses, skirts and pants. They also go well with knee-high boots, which are not only fashionable but also warm up our legs.

Acrylic? This is not a good choice!

We always have to remember that materials play a huge role – it depends on them whether we will be warm in colder days or the opposite. Often in the autumn and winter season we are flooded with clothes made of 100 percent acrylic or a combination of artificial materials, such as polyester or polyamide.

Such a sweater or other piece of clothing may look beautiful, but it will not keep you warm, nor will it protect you from the wind and frost (even if it is very thick). In addition, we will also sweat in it.

Wool has excellent thermal insulation properties and is able to absorb up to 50 percent of moisture, so even if we sweat, we will not feel uncomfortable because of the moisture and we will still be warm.

The basis of your winter closet should therefore be woolen clothes, such as the previously mentioned tights. It is particularly important also in the case of sweaters and coats – woolen ones are an excellent choice. Good material goes hand in hand with high quality.

Down coat not necessarily as an outer garment

You have a great coat in a beautiful color but you are afraid that it will be too cold? No problem. Try the trick with a down jacket, not the kind you have in mind right away, but a thin one, which does not add volume but guarantees a lot of warmth. Over it you can easily put on your favorite coat without worrying about getting cold.

Remember also: when choosing any down jacket, pay attention to its filling. You should know that natural down warms much more strongly than synthetic one.

Heat escapes through your head and feet

In order to keep as much warmth as possible, we should wear headgear and take care of proper footwear and… socks. Of course, it’s best if you choose those made of natural materials – wool, cotton, so that you don’t sweat under them. There is nothing pleasant when your head or feet are wet. For winter, shoes made of leather will also work better, as they will last for years and keep you well warm.

All these accessories can come in all sorts of colors or patterns. All you need is a basic coat, which should be complemented with a hat in a juicy color and boots with heels or massive platforms, which are an absolute hit of this season.

Gloves on your hands and a big scarf around your neck

Gloves and all kinds of scarves and shawls make for great styles that also keep you warm.

Hands dry out very easily and become rough. It is worth not only applying cream to them, but also hiding them in gloves. Here you can choose from thin, thicker, solid, patterned, black, colored, leather, sheepskin, for all fingers or one-fingered. Undoubtedly, they are a great accessory.

When it comes to scarves and wraps, the bigger the better. Let it be an eye-catcher – brightly colored, fleshy, furry, patterned. Wearing a thin, plain scarf doesn’t make sense – both thermally and in terms of fashion.

Different patterns and textures

Last but not least, we suggest dressing onions, just like influencers from all over the world do, by combining different patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to wear a wool sweater over a denim shirt, a fur vest over a jacket, a jacket over a sweater, and a shirt and T-shirt underneath. You can also go crazy with color. After all, no one said that winter styling must be boring and subdued.

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