What to wear to a company party? Here are our editors’ suggestions

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Company parties are an opportunity to strengthen the bonds with co-workers, get to know employees from other departments or let others get to know you from a completely unexpected side. Parties organized by the company, however, are events of a slightly different nature than going out to the club with your girlfriends or to the bar with your buddies. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, the outfit for such an event should be a bit more subdued and elegant than for the average house party. So, what to wear to a company party? Here are some suggestions!

A dress is always a good choice

A universally apt choice for ladies, would be a dress. Preferably of midi or maxi length, in any cut. The dress can be casual or elegant, depending on the accessories you choose to go with it. It is also quite a casual outfit, which does not restrict your movements while having fun or dancing. So it allows you to have fun without worrying that something will rip or the dress will reveal too much. Many cuts and styles of dresses also give you plenty of opportunities to create unique styling, tailored perfectly to your taste. Store paris-pacan.pl offers a wide selection of different types of dresses, from long, impressive prom dresses to light, everyday dresses, perfect for a barbecue in the garden. You are sure to find something for yourself that fully reflects your style and character. You can match any type of footwear to a dress. Ladies have much more choice than men, who usually choose men’s moccasins. Stilettos or high heels will add elegance to your outfit, ballerinas will be a comfortable, but still classic option, while sneakers or sports shoes will be an interesting, slightly extravagant, but still consistent addition. It all depends on what you feel best in, what you’ll be most comfortable in and what you’ll have the most fun in.

If you do not have an interesting dress in your closet that you would like to wear to a corporate event, nothing is lost. The right accessories can spice up even the most monotonous outfit. For a simple mini or midi dress, colourful or patterned tights are the perfect accessory. At https://noq.com.pl/ you will find a wide range of different tights that will certainly change your outfit and add character to it. Other accessories, such as handbags, jewelry or hair accessories, will add variety to your outfit.

Another idea may be to combine a skirt with a comfortable t-shirt and boots. If the integration takes place, for example, in a restaurant, choose a classic blouse, and to it stilettos. Long skirts with flowers are fashionable – you can wear this outfit for less formal outings. This outfit goes well with a white shirt and a denim or leather jacket.

Casual outfit

A pair of dark jeans, a loose-fit shirt, and a lace-up or simple wristband make a great casual outfit. If you want a more elegant look, choose a plain shirt in a light color – beige, blue or light gray. A watch can also be an accessory to make your outfit more formal. Choosing shoes should not be a problem either. If you want to appear more “casual,” choose sneakers, tennis shoes, or athletic shoes

You also need to make a good impression at work after hours, so even for a company party, choose an outfit that, while casual and party-like, will look elegant. No matter what department you work in, whether you are a CEO or just starting out, show some class and choose the right outfit for the party that you will surprise your co-workers with and bring the company to its knees

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