Here is the only correct order to apply skin care products. Make sure you’re doing it right

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Applied products, even in large amounts, often fail to do their job because of the wrong order of application. When to apply oils, creams and when to use peeling? Learn how to take care of your skin step by step!

Proper skin care is the key to success when it comes to healthy and luminous skin. The most important issue is to determine our skin type in order to be able to choose the appropriate cosmetics. It should be noted that our skin needs different care during the day and at night

What do I have to pay attention to? First of all, we need to closely observe our skin to determine whether it is normal, dry, very dry, oily or combination. You should also know whether you have sensitive, mature, acne-prone or vascular skin.

Proper skin care step by step

  1. Make-up removal and thorough cleansing of the face is essential. Many people forget about it or treat this point very superficially. This is one of the most important elements and steps towards a healthy complexion! Performing inaccurate make-up removal, even the highest quality cream will not give the expected effect. Make sure to use oil-based cosmetics that can easily handle waterproof products. Cleanse your face morning and evening. Before using the oil, gently moisten your face for the product to work better. Pay attention to the composition of the products and avoid using makeup removers and cotton pads. These usually contain a lot of chemicals and will cleanse your skin thoroughly. Make sure the product you buy is designed for your skin type and complexion type. If you have trouble remembering the order in which to apply your cosmetics, follow this rule: light, water-based products first, then oil-based ones. Water is absorbed much faster than oil, so the order is very important here.
  1. When your face has been thoroughly cleansed, it’s time for a toner to restore the proper pH of your skin. This factor can be changed, by using other cosmetics. Proper pH prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, toner contains vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning of the skin. Make sure that the one you use does not have alcohol in its composition.
  2. When you have restored the right reaction to your skin and you are sure that the toner has absorbed, reach for the serum. This is the perfect time to use vitamin C to restore your skin’s radiance. You can reach for it at any time of day, the water-based composition will make it absorb in no time!
  3. It is time for an oil that will deeply moisturize your skin. It is recommended especially for people with dry skin. Oily products create an effective barrier against water loss.
  4. Finally, it’s time for a sunscreen. It is misleading to think that it should be applied only in summer. We should protect our skin against radiation all year round.

Evening care

The order of application for evening care products:

  1. Cleansing foam or gel.
  2. Moisturizing or illuminating mask.
  3. Toner.
  4. Retinol.
  5. Serum.
  6. Oil

Make sure to leave enough time between applications so that each product has time to absorb. In addition, use an enzyme scrub once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) to remove dead skin

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