With these 5 tricks, your make-up will look great all day long

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When enhancing beauty with makeup we want it to remain on the face as long as possible intact. Unfortunately, eating food, touching your face, and changing environmental conditions mean that your makeup will need touching up after a few hours. But there are a few tricks that you can use to make your make-up last longer! Learn some of them and start applying as soon as possible

Every one of us is looking for a recipe to do long-lasting makeup that won’t overtax the complexion. Turns out, there are slightly better options than applying an ultra-long-lasting foundation or spraying your face with a fixer. Making a few changes to your skincare rituals and a better selection of cosmetics may be the remedy

5 ways to make your makeup last longer

  1. Properly cleanse your face before applying makeup products. The better cleansed your complexion is, the longer your makeup will last. Also in the morning, wash your face with a micellar solution and exfoliate every few days
  2. A good moisturizer is essential. Why should you choose a moisturizer with utmost care? A properly moisturized complexion produces less sebum, which makes the products you apply to your face look just that little bit better. Of course, this also makes for smoother skin, which is easier to spread foundation or concealer over
  3. Aloe vera gel base. Aloe vera has become a hit in the beauty world, and for good reason. This natural cosmetic ingredient has many very effective properties. It can be an excellent base for covering products.
  4. Swap the order of powder first, then foundation. Using a transparent mineral powder? Apply it to your face before your foundation. This will reduce the appearance of pores and allow your foundation to be more easily absorbed into your skin
  5. Use a brush or sponge to apply your foundation. Spreading foundation with the right accessories makes your makeup look more professional and last longer

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