How can you optically slim down with your clothes?

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Clothes have a huge influence on the way your silhouette looks. You can do yourself harm with them – disproportion and emphasize your weaknesses, or the other way round; optically slimmer and more graceful. Follow a few tips and remember about some tricks.

High waist

Once upon a time there was a fashion for slim-fit pants. They had low waist, often tightened with a belt. What did it look like in practice? Even the slimmest women had protruding sides. The problem grew in the case of women in larger sizes, who instead of “hiding” the extra cm, only emphasized them.

Fortunately, those days are gone in favour of high-waisted pants and skirts. High-waisted pants will hide not only the sides, but also the tummy. Additionally, it emphasizes the waist perfectly.


The choice of pants is very important. It is worth that they have a high waist, but there is one more thing you need to pay attention to – it is about pockets. When it comes to the front, undoubtedly diagonal pockets are best for the figure, which make the hips seem narrower than they really are.

Also pay attention to the pockets at the back – if there are none, then the bottom may appear even bigger, but also out of shape. The pockets should be right in the middle and proportionally sized.

Opt for a dress

If you’re wondering what to choose – a blouse and skirt or a dress – then definitely go for the second option, especially with an A-line or pencil cut. Why? First of all, the fewer lines cutting through your figure, the better.

Modelling underwear

Slimming panties, slip, bodysuit or tights can do wonders and in a few seconds optically slim down and emphasize the assets of your silhouette. If you have bigger hips, belly after pregnancy or other imperfections, simply wear modeling underwear.

Longer and looser sleeves

Looser sleeves are best for chubbier arms, as they don’t have any bulk. The length of sleeves is also important – if they are too short and end at the widest point, your shoulders will look even bigger. Remember, however, that such a blouse or dress should have a deeper neckline. Turtlenecks do not work here at all.

V neckline

Still on the subject of necklines, the V-shaped neckline, otherwise known as V-neck, is optically slimming. Unlike boat neckline, this one allows to keep proper proportions and lengthens the neck. Dresses may have folded or envelope necklines, while shirts have elongated collars.

Blouses with the neckline better hide at the bottom of a closet or give them a second life… at someone else’s place.

Soft fabrics

Choose soft, flowing fabrics for every outfit. Thick and stiff fabrics may only add weight. Also, remember that a jacket or a cardigan looks better when unbuttoned and hanging loosely at the sides.

Swap bright colors for dark ones

Avoid bright colors in favor of dark ones, but remember to use bright colors for accessories. If you decide on light colors, go for whites, beiges and grays


Longitudinal stripes can make your body look slimmer than the ones in the opposite direction. Also, dresses, skirts or leggings with darker sides will look great. As far as patterns are concerned, smaller ones will be more beneficial. Big ones may unnecessarily widen your silhouette

We also recommend… belts and tie them at the waist of course!


It’s impossible not to mention shoes with heels between 4 and 7 cm. If you have thicker legs, go for a heel that tapers towards the bottom. Absolutely avoid thin stilettos. It won’t do you any good.

One more remark: don’t wear ankle-length closed shoes. Well-cut ones are perfect, and certainly flesh-colored ones, which will optically lengthen legs.

Don’t forget about accessories

Don’t be afraid to accessorise your outfit. Wear long scarves and neckerchiefs. As far as bags are concerned, small ones may disrupt the proportions of your figure and make it look thicker. Opt for larger models.

So how to slim down with clothes? See some examples straight from Instagram:

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Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ WireImage/ Getty Images

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