What to wear to a garden party?

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Garden party is not only an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your friends, but also to wear a beautiful outfit. How to dress for the party so as to impress?

What style for a formal party?

The theme of the party should give you a hint on what to follow when choosing your outfit. But if you did not have a chance to ask the organizer of the garden party about it, bet on the safe option and compose a semi-official style. This way, if it turns out that the party has a dress code, in which you do not fit in, you will not stand out too much because of your oversight.

The essence of styling

Garden parties are usually organized in the spring or summer season, so you should be dressed appropriately for the weather Dresses by Polish manufacturers will be a great choice. Brands such as Kartes Moda, blue shadow or Bee Collection have a wide range of lightweight clothes for the warmer days of the year.

When reaching for a dress, pay attention to its length. It should reach at least to mid-thigh. Choose muted colors such as distressed beige or a calm gray shade. Bright colors may be too flashy for this occasion.

No accessories

Leave heavy glam jewelry at home. Instead opt for subtlety. Small earrings will be a great addition to your outfit. Match them with a thin gold or silver chain and an unobtrusive pendant. Your jewelry should only be an accent to your outfit and not the main point of it.

When choosing a handbag, clutch bags are not a good choice. A garden party requires you to have full freedom of movement, so a purse or a classic bag, which you can hang on your shoulder, will work better in this situation.

What to wear to a barbecue with friends?

You should wear summer outfits in bright, clear colors. Avoid gloomy shades like gray or dirty blue and opt for clothes in warmer colors. Beige will do just fine. If you want to go for a more outfit, think about composing your outfit with strong neon colors – raspberry red or lemon yellow are perfect for summer.

The cut and length of the dress will also influence the colors you should opt for. Maxi skirts should be made of light, airy material, preferably in bright colors. You have more freedom when choosing a short skirt: thanks to its cut, no matter what color you decide on, you will look light.

And for your feet?

When choosing shoes for your garden party, go for light, airy shoes. Sandals are not the best choice. On the other hand moccasins or espadrilles made of natural leather or fabric are a great choice. Avoid models made of eco-leather or other synthetic materials – you don’t want your feet to sweat.

Above all, you should prioritize the comfort and functionality of your shoes, not their appearance. Of course, this one is also important, but you will easily find a whole bunch of different models of shoes from Polish brands, which not only look beautiful, but are also fabulously comfortable. Ballerinas from MIUMMASH or espadrilles by Arturo Vicci come to mind.

Choose the color of shoes, so that they match the rest of your outfit. The easiest way to get an eye-catching look is to choose shoes in shades matching your handbag, for example.

When your outfit features bold colors, your shoes should match them. But be careful not to overdo it with patterns. If you wear a dress with a lot of small elements, go for monochromatic shoes. This combination will bring harmony to your styling instead of chaos.

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