How do I apply eye shadow? With these tips, you’ll never eliminate them from your makeup routine again

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Would you like to start doing eye makeup but it seems extremely difficult? It doesn’t have to be! If you learn a few basics about eye shadow application, you may find yourself enjoying Instagram-like makeup. Here are the tips!

1. Choose the right brush

When it comes to eyeshadow application, the tools you use to work with are very important. You should choose good quality brushes, made of synthetic or natural bristles. The price of those available on the market varies from a dozen to even several hundred zlotys. If you are new to the world of makeup, you will be able to find the perfect brush for you

If you are just beginning your adventure with eye make-up, you should know that you need brushes of different sizes and shapes. But to start with, bet on three pieces: a fluffy, large brush, a smaller, slightly flattened one, and a flat one. As time goes on, and your skills flow, you’ll know what kind of tools are missing from your makeup bag.

2. Apply eye shadow over a powdered base

Use concealer as a base for your eyeshadows. It’s important not to apply them on a “bare” eyelid because they won’t have adhesion. Apply a bit of concealer with your finger, which you will then pat onto your eyelid. The next step should be to powder this area with a small amount of powder

This is the beginner’s version. When you are more advanced, you can replace the powder with a beige shadow applied only under the eyebrow arch. At the beginning of your adventure, it will be better if you apply powder all over your eyelid. This will help you avoid blotches and blend the shadow better.

3. Apply the shadow with a small brush and then blend it

Now you can apply your eyeshadow on your prepared eyelid. How to do it properly? Take a small brush and apply the shadow on it, then remove the excess (just wipe it in your hand). Now gently apply the shadow above the crease of your upper eyelid with a patting motion. If you think the effect is too strong, don’t worry – we will correct it in the next step.

4. Smudging the shadow

Now it’s time to smudge the patch of color. Take a clean, small brush or clean the one you worked with in the previous step. On the edge of the shadow, start making small blurring motions, one at a time. Do this calmly and sensitively. Repeat this step a few times, until a cloud of color forms from the patch.

5. Tinting the outer corner

This makeup element is important because it gives a three-dimensional effect and deepens the look. Choose a shadow slightly darker than the one on your entire eyelid and apply it only in the outer corner. Do it gently so that the colors blend together. If there is no transition between the two shadows and you can see the border, something has gone wrong

6. Highlight the inner corner

After darkening the outer corner, it’s time for the opposite step – highlighting! In the inner corner of your eye apply a shimmering, light shadow such as gold. If you don’t have one in your palette, you can use a highlighter. Use a small brush or your finger

7. Do not forget about the lower eyelid

This is a common mistake made by many women. Focusing on the makeup of the upper eyelid, we forget to paint the lower one. Do it with a small brush in a similar way as we described in the previous points. However, remember not to go too far out with the shadow, as this can create a “sad eye” effect.

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    great tips

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