Trends autumn-winter 2022/23 – check what will reign in the new season!

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The coming autumn means no small revolution in the closet. The new season means new trends that are already conquering the fashion shows. Check out what are the main stylish trends and what you should already stock up on to look tasteful and up-to-date in the coming months.

White tank top

This summer we could see a return to the Y2K aesthetic in fashion. It will also be present this fall. It is the white tank top sewn from ribbed knit fabric that will be the star of the upcoming season. And although it may seem inconspicuous, we will create with it a lot of fashionable styling both for everyday and for evening outings.

Oversize jacket

This closet item certainly has many of us already in our closet, as it has played an important role in the fashion world for several seasons now. Oversize jacket, because it is precisely about it, is reminiscent of the style of the 80’s. The generous cut and emphasized shoulders will work well in many stylings, both formal and more casual.

The trend of the “elegant biker”.

If motorcycle style is too daring for you, this trend is made just for you! We will combine voluminous ramones, leather pants, gloves and heavy boots with white shirts with collars and polite skirts with tabs. Such juxtapositions were proposed by designers Dior, Coperni and Alexander McQueen, among others.

Mini and maxi skirts

Designers could not decide what lengths of skirts would reign this season. Therefore, they decided to compromise, and this is how we will wear both mini and maxi in the coming months. We could see these lengths on the runways of Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior.

Puffy coats

Outerwear for the coming season will be big, warm and fluffy. All kinds of faux fur will reign supreme, usually in crazy and unobvious colors. If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to take a look at the latest collections from Coperni, Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors or Saint Laurent.


A pattern that will be on practically everything is the checkered pattern. And although this print returns every year at this time, we will now see its massive attack. In fashion will be both the classic Scottish check and the finer vichy check that French women love so much.

Babydoll dress

If you are looking for a dress for this autumn and winter, be sure to bet on the babydoll cut. A wide cut, a ruffle at the bottom and buffeted sleeves are the hallmarks of this type of dress. If you like fairy-tale-romantic atmosphere, you will surely fall in love with such styling. An interesting alternative is black transparent dresses, which we could see at the Chanel shows.

Glitter and sequins – everything that glitters

The end of the year will be fashionably evocative of the crazy 1920s. Sequins, glitter, tassels and feathers are all what will be on top. We will evoke the party atmosphere not only on holidays, but also on a daily basis. This is a trend for real magpies!

Punk style

The punk style is forever alive! It will combine the two aforementioned trends: check and leather clothes. If you don’t feel like a specialist in this aesthetic, be sure to see the latest Versace fashion show and Vivienne Westwood’s past styles – this will get you in the mood perfectly!


More and more designers are trying to convince us to wear corsets. Preferably instead of T-shirts or combined with a maxi dress. Will this trend gain its fans?

main photo: Owens

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