3 models of handbags that match evening outfits

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What to wear for the evening? A clutch bag! But which model of bag to decide on, depending on the styling that you plan for the evening? We advise how to choose accessories for special occasions, to feel feminine and stylish.

Every closet must include a few absolute must-haves, without which you cannot create versatile and interesting outfits. When it comes to shoes, they will be stilettos or sneakers, and when asked about a dress, you will surely mention the classic little black dress without hesitation. No wonder that the situation is similar when it comes to handbags. The huge number of available models means difficulty in choosing the right one, so it’s worth seeing first what reigns on the catwalks and what the best Polish stylists are inspired by.

What to wear with a women’s suit?

What if you have an unconventional approach to fashion and instead of the traditional little black dress for an evening out, you prefer to choose tailored pants and a tailored suit? Women’s suits became popular a few seasons ago, gaining an ever-growing circle of admirers. Whether it’s because of their interesting cuts or their decided comfort, for many women the jacket and pants are a hit – and they don’t mean a less elegant outfit! A filigree clutch bag with an earring will go perfectly with this outfit. If you decide on a strong print, such as checkered pattern, opt for a black bag, which will play the second fiddle in your styling. With intensive colors an eye-catching clutch bag in rose gold will look great. Use contrasting accessories with classic black – a pink bag looks great together with a dark suit fabric. A blazer and clutch bag is a perfect combination for business meetings or banquets, which will make you look professional and glamorous at the same time.

What to wear with small black dress?

What accessories should you choose for a classic little black dress, if your closet is mainly focused on quality and you like to support small brands? Polish Women’s Handbags wojewodzic brands are characterized by great attention to detail and durability. If you decide to buy an envelope bag from Vistula, you can be sure that it will not fall apart after the first big outing. But what color and cut of the bag should you decide on, when you dress up in a little black dress for the evening? A red leather clutch bag will be an interesting addition to such an outfit, especially if you match it with the same color stilettos, and maybe even paint your nails the same shade. The combination of black and red is extremely feminine and sensual. This style is perfect for a date at an elegant restaurant with your sweetheart, or for a Saturday night out with your girlfriends at the club.

What about a maxi evening dress?

Are you dreaming of a down-to-earth creation in which you will feel like a real queen of the ball? Choosing a suitable bag for such stylization is easier than you think! If you decide on a maxi dress, don’t be afraid to bet on a large clutch bag. This is a unique opportunity, because in case of a long, flowing evening dress, a maxi bag will not overwhelm the whole look, but will complement it perfectly. Additionally it is worth looking at the practical side of such a solution. You can put more than the bare minimum in a large clutch bag! There is no denying that small capacity is one of the few disadvantages of most evening models, so take the opportunity and do not limit yourself, getting ready for the big night out

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