How to wear the cut-out trend to look stylish, not defiant?

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Cut-outs may be subtle and give your outfit a lift, but if not well chosen they can only do you harm. We suggest how to tame the cut-out trend and introduce it into your closet.

Trends in 2021 focus mainly on what is comfortable, convenient and… revealing. Tight blouses and turtlenecks, sports tops and everyday bras are back, while wide-leg pants and jeans are making waves, as are balloon sleeves and all kinds of transparency, as well as holes and cut-outs.

Clothes in line with this trend have dominated the catwalks of world designers and social media, especially Instagram. We can find them not only in selective boutiques, but also in Polish brands or popular chain stores.

Asymmetrical cutouts inspired by the nineties are most often concentrated in three places – around the waist, neckline and on the back, although many times we can also find holes on the sleeves. In addition, they can be trimmed with thread, but jewelry and rhinestone hems are a hit.

Showing different parts of our body in a non-standard way sometimes looks too defiant or vulgar, but it does not have to be like that at all. We suggest how to tame the cut-out trend, so that the clothes you choose look interesting and stylish.

Is the cut-out for everyone?

First we need to think about whether clothes with cut-outs and holes can be worn by everyone, regardless of their body shape. Just as playing with contrasts or patterns optically shapes the figure (for example, a light front and dark sides of a dress), so it is with cut-out garments.

Cut-outs at the waist may make it appear narrower (or vice versa), and the bust bigger. It’s a good idea to try on a few cuts to see which looks best on your body and which you feel most comfortable in.

But that is not all. Sometimes we do not want to emphasize our belly or thighs, we think that we have extra centimeters in these places, but still we like the latest trend and want to wear it. The way out of this situation is very simple. All you need to do is to go for the neckline or the sleeves.

What to wear with cut-outs?

Cut-outs are quite controversial and daring. You have to be careful not to overdo it with exposing your body. This type of clothes should be matched with simple and classic elements.

Match a cut-out blouse with trendy cullots or jeans with straight or flared legs (a mini skirt is unlikely to create a stylish look), and a dress with modest accessories, make-up and hairstyle. An airy maxi with an open back will look great with a soft shopper or basket and sneakers or sandals.

Remember to choose only one cut-out item – a blouse, shirt, pants, skirt or dress. The rest should be “standard”. A shirt with holes and pants with holes? Absolutely not.

Beware of underwear

Any kind of slits in the bust or buttocks area, as well as back necklines are quite risky and you may find your underwear sticking out, which is definitely in bad taste. The most important thing is trying on and testing. Only then will you be sure that everything is in place and you can move around and sit down freely.

If you cannot avoid showing your underwear, for example you have a deeply cut material under the arms or on the back, then bet on decorative models, which will not be vulgar, but stylish. Alternatively, completely abandon the bra in favor of the silicone, glued on the front, or stickers on the nipples.

No cutout is equal to a cutout

Do not start with deep cut-out styles right away. It’s better to slowly get used to this trend. Excessive exhibitionism will by no means add any class to us. The same goes for too extensive, but also too many holes. If our sweater or dress uncovers the back, it should not uncover the neckline at the same time. Stick to the rule of only showing one part of your body.

And here is a pinch of inspiration straight from Pinterest:

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Main photo: Christian Vierig/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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