Elegance and sport. We suggest how to mix elements from “different fairy tales”

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The elegant look with sporty accents, besides being comfortable, is also great for business meetings and work! It has stolen the hearts of lovers of comfort and good style. What are its characteristics and how to wear it? Read the article to find out!

This combination requires a sense of taste and style. It is important not to overdo it with sporty elements. What we want most is for the whole outfit to be elegant, and only the accessories should be sporty. This combination will be perfect for work, a date or going out with friends. What should we follow?

Sporty elegance in women’s version

Seemingly these two elements do not go together, but in the right proportion they create a great look! This is one of the most popular styles on the streets and in avant-garde versions in fashion houses

  • mixing elegant top with sporty bottom and vice versa – there are events when you don’t have time to dress up or prepare several outfits. This is where outerwear comes in handy, as it can change your look in a flash. Simply replace high heeled shoes with sneakers and a smart jacket with a casual blue or black jean jacket. If your job requires you to look smart and you can’t manage to wear high heels anymore, go ahead and replace them with sports shoes, but still keep your look neat and tidy. Choose black or white sport shoes for business outfits.
  • mix and match different materials – a good combination is a loose, knee-length woolen skirt with a matte finish and elastic waistband, and a white or black T-shirt. Complete the look with sports shoes and a jacket. Do not be afraid to combine different materials. Woolen outfits will look great with light polyester. Mix blouses in one color with patterned skirts and vice versa. If you keep the color balance in your outfit, everything will look harmonious.
  • combine sporty clothes with elegant accessories – the basis of a business outfit should be a ‘body shirt’, a dark collar coat or a jacket. Sporty elements, which will go well with these elements, are tracksuit pants in uniform, preferably dark color with matte finish. Pay attention to accessories, which can be long pendants, bracelets or dangling earrings. If you have long hair, consider attaching a jeweled clip with a shiny element. Alternatively, you may decide to forgo pendants and earrings and opt for a large ring to complete the look

Styles in the Spirit of the Stars

Cara Delevingne, Sara Boruc, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez are big stars who are very good at combining different elements, colors, and styles. Jennifer loves patterned clothes, which she combines very well. Often it is a simple T-shirt combined with a colourful skirt from her favourite designer. The combination of sporty and elegant is a way to create a comfortable look, which the star loves.

An orange, unbuttoned, sporty sweatshirt with a stand-up collar and carmine lipstick on the lips is a way to surprise everyone. If you decide to take this step, make sure to wear strong makeup with lashes glued on and eyebrows properly drawn. Circular earrings, made of a material whose color matches your jacket’s zipper, are a great option

JLO likes to wear sporty tops with flared skirts. The skirt should be slim-fit and the top tailored to your bust size to emphasize your assets and show off your figure.

You should look for inspiration in big fashion houses and in the closet of Cara Delevingne, who likes to play with material textures and colors. If you feel that you will look good in something, don’t be afraid to try it! It’s just a piece of clothing that you can always change. Even a sports blouse can give us an elegant look, depending on what you match it with. Go wild with patterned pants or shirts, remembering to keep the look consistent

See also a pinch of inspiration from Pinterest

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