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Pumps are timeless shoes. We can wear them every day and on special occasions, and we will be sure that we look elegant and stylish. We suggest to what specific styling will fit classic pumps.

Women love pumps primarily for their timelessness. You can find models in many versions, different colors and heights. We suggest where you can wear these extremely stylish shoes

What exactly are pumps?

Let’s start with the most fundamental issue, that is, what is really behind the term “pumps”. However, it is not so easy to concretize, because pumps are all mid-heeled shoes. They can be more or less high, with semicircular, pointed, square noses, without embellishments or with accessories, for example, pumps with a strap, and the heel can be thinner or thicker. The variants are indeed a lot, so every woman will find something for herself.

Dutchess pumps as part of everyday styling

Pumps are a great option for a more elegant everyday outfit, such as a work outfit. They will go great with both suit and denim pants as well as dresses and skirts. If you want your shoes to be an appropriate element for more formal work and fit into the company dress code, then you can choose a model in muted, elegant colors, for example, navy blue, black, beige or burgundy pumps. They will be the perfect accent to any business styling. If you also want them to be comfortable, models with 3 or 4 cm heels are a perfect choice.

You can also add pumps to casual outfits. So you can pair them with skinny jeans or boyfriends and a basic T-shirt and you’ll be sure to look good. For some variety, in this case go for more vibrant colors and patterns to give your outfit character and nonchalance.

The perfect date pumps

If you’re looking for date-perfect shoes, pumps are a great option here too, more specifically, pumps-heeled pumps, which feature a narrow heel of a few centimeters in the shape of a traditional stiletto heel. Such shoes usually have also pointed nose, which optically lengthens legs. They will be the perfect addition to sensual maxi dresses with slits, as well as to classic jeans and a sweater, which will add character and spice to date outfits. For this type of outfit, pumps with different embellishments, such as subtle straps or shiny accessories, work well.

Pumps as an element of bridal styling

Pumps are also very popular as an element of styling for more formal occasions, such as wedding and reception. Wedding pumps are a good choice first of all because they are one of the most elegant shoe models and moreover they are so comfortable that dancing in them is a real pleasure. In addition, thanks to the huge variety of models available on the market, you can be sure that you will find shoes to match both the classic evening dress and a slightly unusual suit. Choose the matching clutch bag and glamorous jewelry and styling for the wedding is ready!

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