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Hairstyle can do real wonders. With a well-chosen and stylish haircut we can feel confident and attractive. So if you are in the mood for a change, don’t wait! Check out our hair style ideas for permanent or festive hair styles

The Most Fashionable Hairstyles Straight from the Catwalks

Do you want to change your hair style but do not know what to do with your hair? We tell you what are the new fashionable hair styles this season.

The straight bangs are back in fashion. The straight-cut fringe falls lightly over your eyes and makes you look feminine and glamorous. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for people with slender facial features. This hairstyle works particularly well with naturally straight hair.

The straight bob is also back in fashion for another season. If you have long hair and want to change things up, this may be the perfect hairstyle for you. Nineties-style bobs, which are dishevelled and feisty, look great

The ‘wolf cut’ was also a huge hit on the catwalks and among stars. It is a great idea to change your hairstyle if you like to keep up with the trends

What does this haircut look like? It’s a frayed, messy cut, reminiscent of the 80s rock star trend. The good thing about this cut is that it doesn’t take more than five minutes to style after a good cut. However, it is important to keep your hair well moisturised so make sure you look after your hair properly if you decide to go for this cut.

There are also a few trendy hair colors on trend this season. If you are more interested in colouring your hair than in cutting it, you may want to choose one of these. The most popular hair color of the season is Swedish blonde, an icy cold shade. Bronde, a combination of ombre and sombre, or to be more precise, several colors of brown and natural blonde, is back in fashion. Redheads are also back in fashion, but this season we will only be wearing soft pastel colours.

Not a permanent change

Sometimes there comes a time when you want to completely change our look, but for various reasons you do not want or can not decide on a permanent color, or cut. In such a situation a wig store comes to your aid. So you can choose wigs of different lengths and colors. They are a great solution to completely change your hairstyle in a fast and non-invasive way

Particularly noteworthy are the natural ones, which will look identical to real hair – every wig, for which natural hair was used, is a guarantee of durability, perfect and natural effect and maximum self-confidence

Hair extensions are also a good option, as they allow you to extend and thicken your natural hair strands considerably. Classic clip-in extensions are fastened with clip-in clips and the hair strands are placed on sturdy hair netting, which makes attaching the extensions no problem

You can choose straight, curly or wavy hair extensions for a natural effect. In this way, you will certainly choose them well to suit your hair.

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