Australian stewardesses’ patented way to make walking in heels a thing of the past

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Each of us knows that when we put on high-heeled shoes our legs get longer and our silhouette automatically becomes straighter. A few extra centimeters also sensationally affects the level of our self-confidence. So we often wear such shoes on dates, formal parties or important business meetings. Unfortunately the unnatural position of feet causes that after some time in stilettos pain becomes very annoying. Australian stewardesses, who spend long hours in high-heeled shoes in their work, coped with this problem perfectly. Check out how to improve the comfort of wearing stilettos and what life hacks are worth using

A simple way to be able to spend more time in heeled shoes is to change your stilettos for more comfortable options. A great alternative would be solid stiletto shoes, which look great especially in the summer when paired with classic sandals. This small change will make us feel much more stable on the rise, than on thin stilettos. However, formal situations do not always allow us to wear shoes with open palaces. Then it’s worth to use a trick, which worked perfectly in the professions, where stilettos are an obligatory element of dress code

Comfortable stilettos? It is possible!

How do stweardesses cope with having to spend the whole day in high heels? It turns out that with help came solutions of modern medicine. A special insole called Insolia helped to solve the problem of uncomfortable shoes. Its originator was doctor Howard Dananberg, who deals with ankle and knee joint diseases. Thanks to him, women can continue to wear their favorite stilettos, but this time for comfort and health. Special insole makes that the weight of the body is not concentrated only on the toes, but spreads evenly over the whole foot. It’s a good investment when stilettos are an integral part of your outfits.

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