How do I take care of my skin the day after the party?

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After an all-night party, skin can be not only tired but also gray, dull, and anoxic. It is worth using several ways to moisturize it and restore its glow and freshness. Here are some tried and tested tricks.

A party, especially one that ends in the morning, is certainly a good time, but your body may not feel the same way. A sleepless night and, what is more, alcohol and cigarettes make our skin undoubtedly look bad.

We also need to remember that as we age, the regeneration process is a little slower and it takes more time to recover. Younger women usually get enough sleep to avoid bags under the eyes or a dull complexion. Older women are not so lucky and need to use a few tricks to help their complexion regain its radiant look.

Makeup removal is essential

The basic rule is to do a thorough makeup removal before going to bed. Otherwise, we will look even worse. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, while cigarette smoke irritates and causes hypoxia of the skin.

A mixture of both these stimulants plus a heavy layer of cosmetics not only makes the skin can not breathe properly, but also clogs its pores, which in turn can lead to the formation of blackheads and pimples, which then have to be further fought.

It is therefore necessary to thoroughly wash your eyes and face (and not only with micellar fluid and cotton balls, but also with water and washing gel, foam or oil). Finally, apply an oxygenating or moisturizing cream in a thicker layer than usual. Such action will undoubtedly make the skin will have better conditions for regeneration.

And after getting up..

When waking up after a party, we start by hydrating our body from the inside. Drinking plenty of water or juice from cucumbers or tomatoes will do, while coffee will not be a good solution because it is diuretic and leaches valuable elements from your body – zinc, potassium, calcium. Additionally, when it comes to food, it is better to refrain from eating strongly salty dishes or snacks.

What is more important, it is best to ensure yourself as long and peaceful sleep as possible, so that nothing disturbs it. If you fall asleep in the morning, close the windows carefully to avoid being awakened by sunlight.

Help the eyes

The skin under your eyes is very thin and delicate, so tiredness is immediately visible. It can be swollen, and in addition will be decorated with unsightly shadows.

Quick help is cold compresses – for example from spoons, strong tea bags, cucumber slices, chamomile or echinacea. Hydrogel pads available in drugstores, which should also be kept in the fridge, will also work. After just 30 minutes the skin should be visibly brightened and bruises and bags under the eyes eliminated.

Rescue for the whole face

Time to take care of your skin. After washing your face (if you have not had make-up removed before bedtime, you should now cleanse it very thoroughly) it is worth using masks. There are different types to choose from – moisturizing, regenerating, purifying with clay. In addition, all cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and amino acids will also work. They will ensure the proper moisture level and prevent its loss.

Refreshing mists, for example with the addition of the above-mentioned glycerine, are also great. When it comes to creams, it is a good idea to pat them in while doing a gentle face massage.

The day after the party it is better not to put on makeup, if it is not necessary. Your skin needs rest, so it is not a good idea to overload it with colorful products. If it is necessary, it is good to use light formulas, for example, choose a BB or CC cream instead of foundation, a light transparent powder and a blush instead of a bronzer (strong face contouring will not look good). Make-up should be natural, fresh and bright.

You should also remember about your lips which can be dry and irritated. In this case, it is not recommended to scrub, but to intensively moisturize them by applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly or balm.

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