How to care for weak hair?

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Hair can be a woman’s greatest asset, all it needs is a little attention and proper care. Find out how to start taking care of your hair!

Know what your hair is like

You may have already heard about the porosity of hair. The porosity of your hair is closely related to its structure, which is not smooth but covered with fine scales. The degree to which these scales are spread out determines how porous your hair is, and the more spread out the scales are, the closer your hair is to having high porosity. In practice, this means that it’s easier for all the products you use to get into your hair. The opposite is true for low porosity hair, where cosmetics have difficulty penetrating the hair because the cuticles cling to each other. If you don’t know what your hair is like, don’t worry – there are plenty of tests on the Internet that will tell you in just a few minutes.

When choosing hair shampoosdepending on your hair’s porosity, your hair may need different care. Low-porosity hair needs products with low-molecular ingredients that manage to penetrate its structure, such as coconut or palm oil. Highly refined hair needs to be cared for with large molecule oils like linseed or jojoba oil. Make sure that the products you use have the right ingredients and your hair will thank you for the better condition of your hair.

The PEH Balance

When choosing hair products, you should also be mindful of a balanced supply of proteins (P), emollients (E) and humectants (H). All of these ingredients are essential to hair and perform their unique functions. It’s also easy to tell if your hair is lacking in any one fraction.

A protein deficiency results in limp, unmanageable hair. Look for keratin and amino acids in hair products if you notice this effect. Or perhaps your hair is dry, dull, frizzy and brittle? These are characteristic traits of poor moisture content, which may be due to a lack of humectants. In this case, it is worth looking for products containing substances such as panthenol, sorbitol, glycerol, urea or hyaluronic acid. However, pay attention to hair loss – This problem can start with insufficient hydration, but also have its origin in excessive care

The last fraction is emollients. Their deficiency manifests itself in frizzy and static hair. If you have a problem with this, it is worth focusing on products that contain silicones, waxes or oils. Beware of an excess of emollients, which can leave hair weighed down and sticky – look carefully at your product labels to maintain PEH balance.

Give your hair extra support

Proper and regular hair care is essential, but there are days when your hair needs extra help to regenerate. Just like for your skin, you can treat your hair to nourishing masks like the yeast mask, which activates hair growth, or the intensive regenerating hemp mask, which contains cbd oils. Other ways to give your hair a boost are oiling, beer rinses or trichology peels. Remember also to limit the use of curling irons and flat irons as much as possible.

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