How to prepare your complexion for autumn?

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Autumn is not a kind season for our skin. Cold air, wind, rain and even snow are not conducive to keeping the skin on our face in good condition. That’s why it’s already a good idea to introduce steps into your skin care routine that will help our complexion better survive this time of year.

Exfoliating and moisturizing

First exfoliation and then moisturizing – this is exactly the order in which these two stages of skin care should take place. Regular skin exfoliation will allow us to get rid of dead skin, which will give our skin a healthy tone and make it smoother. A fresh layer of epidermis is much easier and better able to absorb the ingredients contained in creams and other skin care products.

Equally important in early autumn is proper moisturization of the skin. In summer, we usually use light creams that are quickly absorbed, and we usually don’t have time for various types of masks. In autumn, it is worth returning to heavier moisturizing creams and regular “masking” of the face.


Autumn is, unfortunately, a period of more illnesses. Due to the capricious weather, the body’s immunity decreases and it is not difficult to catch a cold. That is why it is so important to provide the body with an adequate portion of vitamins, preferably in vegetables and fruits. It is also worth providing valuable nutritional values to our complexion, if only by using creams with vitamins. They will make the skin look fresh and radiant. We suggest paying attention to products with vitamins A or C, which have a beneficial effect on its condition.

Nourishment and regeneration

In colder weather, our skin will need nourishment and regeneration. Cold winds can promote dry areas that need proper care. It is worth supplementing the cosmetic bag with an oil that will not only nourish the complexion, but also provide it with many valuable substances. Tamanu oil, which improves the complexion and has regenerative properties, is perfect for this role.

Lip care

While caring for the face, we must not forget about the lips. In autumn, they too are exposed to cold air, which can make them chapped. It’s a good idea to apply moisturizing lipsticks or special balms for cold weather protection to the lips. It’s also a good idea to scrub your lips at least once a week to get rid of dry cuticles. On such groomed lips any lipstick will look captivating!

Redness and broken capillaries

Low temperatures promote redness and broken capillaries. So it’s worth reaching for creams for sensitive skin to eliminate this problem. Supplementing with vitamin C and eating more fruits and vegetables can be helpful. This will make your complexion more nourished, which will help it deal with the problem.

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