Cellulite treatments – can you get rid of orange peel once and for all?

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Cellulite is a problem that most women face. Where does it come from and how can you get rid of it? Is it even possible?

Cellulite can affect any woman regardless of age, weight, figure, or diet. It is a problem of aesthetic and medical nature, which arises as a result of overgrowth of fat cells and fibrosis of adipose tissue, as well as disorders of the metabolic process. Many women ask themselves whether getting rid of orange peel is at all possible and how effectively it can be done.

Is it possible to get rid of cellulite once and for all?

There are many effective ways to reduce cellulite and improve the texture and appearance of the skin. However, it is worth knowing that cellulite is characterized by the fact that it can return, so it is important to use a proper, healthy and balanced diet in addition to treatments. Physical activity is also important. Only in this way the skin will be smooth and well-groomed. Cellulite most often appears on parts of the body such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and shoulders or knees. The greatest chances of success in combating it are in its first phase of development.

Chinese bubble massage

One of the most effective treatments for cellulite is a Chinese bubble massage. It is worth going for about 5-10 such treatments. The skin becomes much smoother after them, although at the beginning it is associated with bruises and hematomas. It is worth mentioning that the treatments can also be painful. Their price is not high, however, and the effects are visible in a short time. Chinese bubble massage is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine and involves the use of negative pressure. The skin and tissues lying under the bubble are sucked in, and the massage improves microcirculation and breaks down adipose tissue, accelerating the process of lipolysis. Additionally, it removes toxins from the body, smoothes and firms the skin, therefore, in addition to anti-cellulite treatment, it also shows the features of firming and body shaping treatment.

Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy involves injecting the skin using, for example, a special gun or syringe. In places on the skin where changes have appeared, appropriate therapeutic substances are injected, which are well absorbed and used by the body to regenerate

Needle mesotherapy improves microcirculation, cell metabolism and stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin. When performed in order to reduce cellulite, it dissolves adipose tissue and improves skin structure. This treatment is not painful, and any skin reactions (bruising, lumps, slight swelling) disappear after a few days or even hours after its performance. Contraindications for needle mesotherapy are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, allergies, cancer, inflammation of the skin and body, diabetes, herpes and taking anticoagulants.

Dry body brushing

Body brushing “dry” is a very simple yet effective procedure that any woman can do herself at home. It works similarly to peeling and its aim is to improve blood and lymph circulation and more efficient removal of waste products from tissues. Additionally, it smoothes and firms the skin. Thanks to body brushing also dead and keratinized epidermis is removed

How does the treatment look like? It consists in scrubbing the body with a brush or a glove made of natural material, for example sisal. It is advisable to focus on the most problematic areas, such as thighs and abdomen. Brushing can be done every day, for a few minutes, but always in the direction of the heart. However, this method will not work for women who have delicate skin or fragile blood vessels.

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