Tanning – should it really be avoided?

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There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy lounging in the sun on a warm summer day. Not only can you get a good night’s rest, but you also get beautifully tanned skin as a free gift. Dermatologists, however, sound the alarm about not exposing yourself to the sun for too long. Can tanning really be dangerous?

Benefits of tanning

Vitamin D intake

When our skin is exposed to sunlight, the body produces vitamin D3. It’s responsible for maintaining proper calcium levels in the blood, forming the skeletal system, supporting the immune system, the nervous system, the muscles, and reducing skin inflammation. According to scientific studies, vitamin D provided by the sun, positively affects fertility in men and women. It also leads to an increase in libido levels

Sunbathing relieves pain

Sunbathing can provide relief from rheumatic pains and muscle and joint ailments. Sunbathing can also help people suffering from tuberculosis, atopic dermatitis and those who deal with lesions caused by psoriasis and inflammation on the skin. However, you need to remember to use the sun’s rays in moderation and not to tan for too long, lest you achieve the opposite of the intended effect


The drawbacks of tanning

Skin diseases

This is probably the most commonly cited side effect of tanning. Burns, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer only open the long list of unwanted effects. To minimize the risk of skin diseases, always remember to apply sunscreen and to exercise restraint and not spend too long in the sun.


Unfortunately, it’s hard to protect yourself from hyperpigmentation. If you’re prone to it, not even a high sunscreen can help. The only solution is to avoid sunbathing. Sunbathing can not be combined with AHA and BHA acids treatment and laser hair removal. To avoid discoloration, it is better to plan these types of treatments for autumn or winter

During the sunbathing period, cosmetics with acids and retinol derivatives should also be discontinued (does not apply to retinaldehyde). The same applies to hair shampoos containing tar. Some fragrances contained in perfumes and deodorants – vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot and musk – also have a discoloration-causing effect. So remember not to spray yourself with perfume and eau de toilette before sunbathing

Acne aggravation

Sunbathing is not advisable for people struggling with acne. It used to be believed that the sun “burns away” skin lesions, which is not true. Sun exposure can only exacerbate acne problems. Squalene, which is part of the sebum, is oxidized under the influence of the sun, which in turn causes an increase in lipoxygenase activity. This leads to an increased production of sebum and the formation of blackheads. Acne sufferers should use a high SPF sunscreen designed for their skin type. In addition, it is a good idea to regularly cleanse your face from sweat and impurities

Who should be especially careful?

Sun allergy sufferers, vitiligo sufferers, epileptics, patients with inflammatory skin conditions, ultraviolet sensitivity, heart, cardiovascular, kidney or thyroid diseases should also avoid tanning. Breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and people who are currently menstruating should also avoid exposure to strong sunlight. Also contraindicated are unhealed tattoos, large scars, pigmented moles, discoloration and recent surgery

Accelerating the aging process

It’s also no secret that tanning accelerates skin aging. UVB rays reduce hyalunor acid levels, and UVA rays destroy collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for skin firmness and smoothness. The sun causes a massive free radical attack on the skin, causing it to become calloused and rough

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