7 hair care mistakes you probably have on your conscience

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Bad hair day? How do we know it. One day you’ve got a beautiful hairstyle that literally falls into place, and the next day… it’s a shame. Chances are, you’re making one of the mistakes below. So, let’s get rid of them and enjoy good hair day always and everywhere!

  1. Washing Hair with Hot or Cold Water

Hair care starts with shampooing. This is where not only the cosmetics used (the right ones, of course, for your hair type) but also the right water temperature and the movements performed are of great importance.

First of all, it should be noted that our hair is not good for either hot or cold water. The latter has become quite popular, especially when it comes to its benefits for the skin – a cold shower not only gives you an energy kick but also helps in the fight against cellulite.

Unfortunately, too much hot water encourages opening the hair cuticles, which dulls them and unnecessarily stimulates sebum production. Cold water, on the other hand, keeps the hair cuticles closed and prevents the nutrients in cosmetics from penetrating the hair structure.

Therefore, lukewarm water works best; alternatively, the last rinse may be with slightly cooler water.

  1. Washing – Too Much or Too Little

Each of us has different hair types, hairstyles and lifestyles. Usually, hair does not need to be washed so often, especially if you use aggressive cosmetics with detergents like SLS or SLES. In such cases, the scalp may become dry, which in turn leads to dull and rough hair.

Washing your hair should not be too infrequent. Shampooing should not be too infrequent because this means that impurities and excess sebum are still trapped in the hair and remain on the scalp.

  1. Rinsing Shampoo, Conditioners and Masks Too Late

It is always a good idea to comb your hair thoroughly before shampooing to avoid tangling later. It is also easier to distribute the products so that they penetrate into every nook and cranny.

Remember also to dilute the shampoo with a small amount of water before applying it and then apply it in circular motions without rubbing hard. It is a mistake (unless recommended by the manufacturer) to keep the shampoo on your hair for several minutes. There is no need to do so, in fact, you need to be careful not to over-dry your skin and hair.

It is different with conditioners and masks, which need some time to work properly. However, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you decide to keep them on for several hours or overnight, you will only make your hair unnecessarily soft and it will become more sensitive.

  1. Blow-drying with too hot a blow-dryer

Blow-drying your hair is also important. Use a towel to dry your hair beforehand without any excessive friction or sudden movements. Turbans, which absorb moisture, also work well.

There are a few things to consider when drying your hair. Temperature – preferably on the lowest setting. This will take a little more time but will work better for your strands. The direction of the airflow is also important. Not against the hair! This opens up your hair’s cuticles and dulls them. Always direct the airflow in the direction of hair growth.

  1. Tugging on your hair while brushing

Just as your hair is sensitive to cosmetics, temperature and rubbing during shampooing, you must also be gentle with already dry strands. We are talking about brushing.

Be careful, because you can damage your hair and its structure by tugging too hard. Not only does this make it easy to pull out individual strands but it also puts at risk the ends, which are often dry and brittle.

photo: Gratisography/ pexels.com
  1. Sleeping with Wet and Loose Hair

Wet hair is much more susceptible to mechanical damage, which is not difficult to occur while sleeping. Wet hair is much more susceptible to mechanical stress during sleep. It is caused by fidgeting, changes of position, the hair rubbing against the pillow, being crushed by a hand or the person you are sleeping with.

The same happens when your hair is undone. It is therefore a good idea to braid your hair in a loose braid, which goes some way towards protecting your hair strands.

  1. Growing Hair with Split Ends

The eternal question is whether or not to trim the ends regularly First of all, it’s a mistake to leave split ends in your hair. They tend to get brittle and broken and the split ends don’t go away. In addition, such strands are particularly difficult to comb.

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