Scarves are back in fashion – check how to style them!

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It is an accessory that makes any styling look more noble. A beautiful neckerchief is useful for any woman, regardless of age. It can be worn in different ways, but every time it makes an amazing impression. Find out more about it!

Scarf – why is it worth having it in your closet?

Every fashion lover knows that not only clothes are important. A huge role in styling is, of course, also played by accessories. It is the various accessories that make an outfit look great. A quite ordinary dress, combined with the right shoes, can make a stunning impression. Interesting textures, colors, materials – all this you can “invite” into your closet. Even minimalists know that a few timeless accessories are useful for everyone. A good example is scarves. This inconspicuous square scrap of material really changes a lot!

Scarf worn around the neck

The most classic way to wear a scarf is, of course, to tie it around the neck. This looks especially chic when you are wearing a shirt with a few buttons undone. Ways to wear a scarf are many. Most often, the square or rectangular material is tied tightly around the neck. As for the ends of the neckerchief, they look interesting flipped to the side – like a stewardess!

Although scarves are most often seen with a deeper neckline, this is not the only option. Fashionistas have no doubts here. A turtleneck scarf is also very interesting! This sounds like the perfect option to try in the autumn-winter season. Worn in this way, the neckerchief will certainly improve any styling. 

Scarf on the head – how to wear?

If you follow current trends, then you have certainly seen more than once a scarf worn on the head. The basic tying is very simple – fold the neckerchief in half and tie its corners at the back of the head. This method is favored by influencers, so it is definitely worth exploring. The scarf worn in this way looks especially interesting in combination with holiday styles, doesn’t it? 

Scarf with horns tied under the chin

Although this way of wearing a scarf at first glance brings to mind older ladies, trendsetters have come to love it. A scarf with horns tied under the chin is an option that is definitely for brave girls! If you want to look stylish, but also original, it is worth opting for it.

Scarf as a headband

This is something for lovers of practical and charming solutions. How about making a headband out of a scarf? It looks really good! Such styling of a scarf will work for everyday lookup, but also for a bigger outing, if you approach the subject properly.

A scarf is an accessory that can add nobility to any styling. It is definitely worth having at least one quality piece among your accessories! Whether you wear a neckerchief on your head, around your neck, or even next to your handbag, you will look classy!

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