4 models of dresses that will never go out of fashion

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A dress is one of the best elements of a woman’s closet, which is very easy to style – both for everyday and formal situations and for any season. This time we checked which models are worth having in your closet, as they are timeless and fit many silhouettes. Here are our hits!

Classic black

Of course, this list couldn’t start any other way. The little black dress – promoted by Coco Chanel – is an iconic dress that each of us has certainly heard of. It is very versatile and can easily be worn both for everyday wear and for work, for a meeting, a formal event and many other occasions. It will always look beautiful. 

In addition, the concept of “little black” is quite conventional – if you feel better in midi or maxi length, then also successfully reach for a black dress. A little black can not only be of different lengths, but also of different cuts. You can choose from straight, tight, flared, asymmetrical, with ruffles, pleats, pleats, with lace and various other decorations. 

The most important thing is to choose a little black according to your preferences. We have no doubt that at least one little black should be in a woman’s closet. Its great advantage is also that it can be worn by women with different types of beauty, different silhouettes, and there should be no problem with matching accessories to it.

Envelope dress

Just after the little black we have the envelope dress. This is one of the most versatile models that will beautifully emphasize a woman’s curves. The V-shaped neckline slims the neck, the belt emphasizes the waistline, and the slit exposes the legs. Importantly, envelope dresses are also great if you do not have a large bust or wider hips. Depending on your tastes, envelope dresses can be solid, muted, expressive and in smaller or larger patterns – mini, midi and maxi, strapless, short or long sleeve. 


Emissaries, which are dresses resembling an extended shirt, will never go out of fashion. They have characteristic small buttons and a collar or stand-up collar. Emissaries are most often found in long-sleeved versions, although there is no shortage of those with short sleeves. We recommend rolling up the sleeves to the elbows to optically slenderize the silhouette and make the styling more interesting. In addition, some models have a waist belt – made of the same material as the dress. Emery dresses are indispensable for everyday and business lookups.

Knit dress

Knit dresses, which are now experiencing a real renaissance, will also always be fashionable. They are usually ribbed and stretchy or hand knit. Knit dresses can be fitted like a second skin or oversize, slightly flared. They will fit perfectly in both summer and winter climates. Just match them with sandals, espadrilles, sneakers or cowboy boots or boots. Knit dresses are available in all the colors of the rainbow, although those in beige and cream shades are the most popular.

And you, which dress have you had in your closet for years and continue to wear successfully? Perhaps this article has made you realize that it is worth buying some more timeless creation? 

main photo: unsplash.com/Diana Olynick

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