Henna powder – what is it and how does it differ from standard treatments of this type?

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Eyebrows are one of the most important elements of makeup. They add the right frame to beautiful eyes and affect the expression of our face and its proper perception by others. We are constantly looking for better ways to emphasize, darken and give them the right shape. Recently, powder henna is the most popular cosmetic trend in eyebrows. What is it and how to apply it? How much does it cost?

What is powdered henna?

Henna powder is a completely natural preparation of plant origin. Its ingredients are usually lavender leaves, but also indigo, minerals and vitamins E and C. All this makes that this henna not only colors, but also nourishes and regenerates our eyebrows. It colors not only the hair, but also the skin of the face, so that the effect is even more pronounced, and any defects are perfectly complemented and invisible to the naked eye. An additional advantage in this case is the multitude of shades to choose from, and thus a perfect match to the complexion and hair color. Contraindications to the procedure are inflammation of the eyes, eyelids and eyebrow area, various types of skin diseases, abrasions, injuries, swelling, sunburn, as well as recently performed exfoliating treatments.

What does a powder henna treatment look like?

What makes the preparation of the product different before application is that powder henna does not require the addition of hydrogen peroxide. The first stage of the treatment is proper cleansing and preparation of the skin and hair, so that the final effect is long lasting. Then, in order to select the appropriate shape of the arch, the beautician performs the so-called geometry of the eyebrows. After measuring and sketching the contours, a special paste is applied around them, which protects the henna from escaping beyond the designated line. The cosmetic remains on our eyebrows from several to several dozen minutes. After washing the henna off, the professional adjustment follows.

How much does a powdered henna treatment cost?

Depending on the place where the procedure is performed and its complexity the price may vary. However, it is about 80 PLN for a full henna service with adjustment. The cheapest offers can be found around 40-50 PLN, while the most expensive ones exceed 120-140 PLN.

How to take care of my eyebrows after the procedure?

Powder Henna is much more durable than traditional one. It stays on the skin for 14 days and on hair even for 5-6 weeks. The final color will form about 24 hours after the treatment. To enhance the effect during this time you should avoid sunbathing, the use of swimming pool and sauna, as well as the use of makeup and shampoo in the eyebrow area. It is best to avoid touching and rubbing this part of the face as much as possible. On the other hand, before the procedure itself, as with any cosmetic, a sensitization test is recommended to avoid possible irritation or allergies.

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