Face serums – do you know what they do and how they are used?

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It has a stronger effect than a cream, but it cannot be treated as its substitute. Face serum, as it is referred to, cares, moisturizes and nourishes. How to use it? When should you stop using it and what results can you count on? The answers to these questions, among others, you will find in our material.

About face serums became famous some time ago. And although this cosmetic is now more and more often found in women’s cosmetics, for many it is still a mystery. Do you know which product we are talking about?

What is a face serum?

A facial serum is a cosmetic product that does not contain water. Instead, it contains oils, plant extracts and vitamins. Above all, however, this product contains concentrated ingredients, thanks to which it works with greater force than a cream. Remember, however, that it cannot replace this kind of preparations. So you are probably wondering, why do you use it at all? Serum is meant to complement your daily skin care, as well as strengthen the effect of a cream.

What else should you know about serums? This product can have different consistencies, but in most cases you will buy it in a glass bottle with a pipette. At the moment in drugstores you can find this type of cosmetics created for various skin problems and all skin types.

Face serum – how it works

The effect of a facial serum will depend on two things. You will find that the composition of the product will have an impact on the results. In addition, the cream with which you combine it will also be important

So if you want to get a glowing complexion, free from discoloration, redness or acne, bet on a product with vitamin C. However, if your face is dry, irritated and needs strong hydration, opt for serums with ceramides. On the other hand, a product with bakuchiol will deal with uneven skin tone, furrows or inflammation. Wondering which brand to bet on? You can find a wide selection of cosmetics of this type in the series Nacomi Next Level.

Face serum – how to use?

You already know what a serum is and how to use it, so let’s now move on to the instructions for its use. What should a proper facial serum treatment look like? First of all, as we already wrote, it should be used together with your cream. But before you apply the product to your face, cleanse it well – both in the morning and in the evening. Only then apply the serum (a few drops). Then, once the serum is absorbed, blend your face. Before using a serum, check whether it is to be used only in the evening or whether it is for both day and night.

Also note that for healthy skin, serums should not be used every day. Experts advise that if you have problem-free skin, the product should be applied every few days. And all this in order not to “addict” your skin to highly concentrated ingredients. Products with ritinol can be used in autumn and winter, preferably no longer than 6 months. And when should serums be included in your daily skincare routine? Preferably from the age of 25, when the first signs of ageing appear on the skin.

When not to use facial serums?

Although serums are not a dangerous product, you should know that there are situations when their use can do more harm than good. What specifically stands in the way of using this preparation? Definitely allergies to the ingredients in it. In addition, if you are after cosmetic procedures and your skin has not yet “recovered”, refrain from applying it, because you can exacerbate irritation.

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