Get your hair ready for a holiday in the sun – some valuable tips and tricks

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Soon await us and even more than in recent years, longed for holiday trips, excursions, sunbathing and walks in the sun. However, it is worth remembering about proper protection of our body, so that it was not only pleasant but also healthy spending of time.

Getting ready for summer holidays, we usually buy various cosmetics with SPF filters to support proper tanning and protect our skin from excessive UV radiation. However, we often forget that not only our skin but also our hair is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun.

Wearing a hat is not enough

Hats, caps and scarves are of course indispensable accessories that not only complete our outfit but also serve an important protective function. As much as they protect your head, your hair needs a lot more care in the summer to stay beautiful and healthy. While it may be tempting to wear your hair open and blowing in the wind, it is best to wear a slightly up-do in the sun to protect your hair from getting too wet in salty and chlorinated water.

Shampoos with Sunscreen

The best time to use these products is during the summer. They regenerate, smooth and moisturize our hair and give it extra protection. This will be especially useful for dyed, bleached and natural blonde hair, which is usually thinner and weaker. It’s a good idea to use lukewarm water to wash your hair and dry it at a low temperature or let it dry naturally.

Conditioners and masks

Sun, sea water and swimming pool baths dry and weaken our hair. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase hair care during the summer period, using conditioners each time after washing and light masks 2-3 times a week. When choosing cosmetics, look for the most natural ones containing vitamins E and B5.

Mist not only for face

In the summer, a handbag will come in handy not only for the body but also for the hair. These products cost only a few zlotys and have a really great effect. Some of them also contain UV filters. They moisturize your hair, make it soft, bouncy and easy to comb. Thanks to them your hair will be light and fresh and your style will be well-groomed.

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