7 things you can buy at winter sales and use in spring

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Sneakers, a shirt jacket, a cardigan, a jacket, jeans and various accessories and add-ons – equip your closet with all this already during the winter discounts and then wear it all year round, even when it is warm.

New Year’s sales are one of the hottest periods when you have the opportunity to buy clothes and accessories at attractive prices. Often the discounts reach up to 70% – and it is not just about typical winter items, such as a woollen coat, down jacket, boots or ski clothes. We prove how you can cheaply complete your closet with great items that you can wear in the spring, among other things.


Climate change has contributed to the fact that there is less and less winter. Usually the temperature stays above zero degrees Celsius, and you can dream about snow. This makes it easy to wear sneakers in these colder months, which look great with different coats and jackets. Many models are heavily discounted and you can wear these shoes all year round.

Scarves, shawls and scarves

Accessories play a dual role – they are practical, they are to keep your neck and décolleté warm and protected against cold and wind, and at the same time they are an interesting addition to the whole outfit, giving it character.

What is more, scarves can be tied around the head instead of a headband, placed by a handbag or used as a trouser belt.

In addition, a decent woolen scarf does not have to wait until next winter – it is perfect for spring looks, especially since the weather can be capricious. Such a shawl can be used as an outer garment in its own right – thrown over your shoulders like a stylish bedspread.

Shirt jacket

Shirt jackets are a strong trend and very versatile. On the market you can find models in so many colors and cuts, that owners of different body types should have no problem with finding a suitable one.

In winter we wear them under a warm jacket, while in spring it is the shirt jacket that is our outer garment. You can most often find denim, corduroy and felt shirt jackets.


Unzipped cardigans are very versatile – they can easily fit any figure and height. It all depends on their length, color and material thickness. Contrary to appearances, during winter discounts you can find many soft, openwork, light cardigans, which we wear all year round.

Of course – in winter they will be hidden under a coat or longer jacket, but in spring they will serve as an independent outer garment. In addition, some models also have an additional hood, which will not only protect against the cold, but also against the possible rain.

Cardigans are perfect for various outfits, both casual and slightly more elegant. You can combine them with pants, leggings, skirts or dresses.


The situation is similar with jackets. In the winter you have the chance to hunt for real gems that will serve as an interesting element of styling in the spring. There is a choice of tailored jackets, which comply with the dress code, or oversize, loose jackets.

New Year’s sales are a good time to complement your closet with classic elements. Apart from a jacket, you can also opt for an entire suit or costume.


Comfortable and perfectly cut jeans should be present in everyone’s closet – no one needs reminding that. If you find the perfect pair, buy two at once, especially if they are black or dark blue.

Unlike classic blue, dark colors fade with time and lose their intensity. Then it’s better to take out a new pair (bought at a bargain) rather than pay the standard price for them.

Handbags, belts and jewelry

The time of winter sales is perfect to complete your closet with different types of handbags, belts and jewelry. Sometimes the discounts are so high that you can afford to buy a model whose regular price is far beyond our budget.

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