Bathing in milk – what does it give us and is it worth using?

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People can be divided into those who love long relaxing baths and those who could do without a bathtub.

The bathing ritual itself originated in ancient Egypt, where queens and kings took long baths. However, these were no ordinary water pleasures. Cleopatra was famous for her liking to relax in a bathtub with milk. Today, more and more people are discovering the beauty of this type of treatment. Milk has a beneficial effect on the skin. How to take such baths?

Cleopatra-style bath – how to do it and what does it do?

For centuries, the properties of milk have been recognized by skin care experts. Cleopatra’s baths gave her extremely soft, smooth and radiant skin. Nowadays you can find such treatments in various wellness salons. But you can also take a SPA bath yourself in your own bathroom. Add some candles and relaxing music and your SPA is ready!

What does a bath in milk help?

Milk is a source of calcium, B vitamins and proteins. Bathing in milk makes the skin more delicate and rejuvenated. Lactic acid is absorbed into the skin and thus naturally cleanses it of dead skin, and also soothes burns and inflammation, softens the skin and makes it smooth. You can also add oats to such a bath, which intensifies the anti-inflammatory effect

Remember, however, that if you have very sensitive or atopic skin, you should be very careful when it comes to bathing in milk. The lactic acid can irritate your skin.

Bathing in goat milk

According to experts, goat milk has better nutritional properties than cow’s milk. It contains protein, which makes the skin smooth and soft, and more elastic. Cleopatra took her famous baths in this milk.

Milk and honey bath

To make a bath in milk and honey, you need to heat all the necessary ingredients until they are perfectly combined. Then the resulting concoction set aside to cool. For a pleasant bath, combine the solution with warm water. After leaving the tub, rinse the remaining milk with lukewarm water.

Coconut milk bath

For vegans, we have a great alternative – a coconut milk bath. You can add coconut milk to a tub of warm water, but also almond milk and soy milk. Each has properties similar to those of goat’s and cow’s milk.

Relaxing milk and olive oil bath with sea salt

Are you looking for strong hydration? Olive oil, as well as jojoba and coconut oils, are great for moisturizing very dry skin, and will also soothe irritated skin. How to make a milk bath with different additives?

Pour 1/3 of hot water into the tub, then add 4-5 liters of milk. Get into the tub and after about 10 minutes, add 5-6 tablespoons of sea salt to the water. This will create a bath that will relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation.

How to prepare a bath with olive oil?

A milky bath with the addition of 5-6 drops of fragrance oil and jojoba oil or olive oil will moisturize the skin and achieve the perfect level of relaxation.

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