Sugar complexion – what is it and how to fight it?

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Are you struggling with acne and your face is full of blemishes? The cause could be a poor diet that is too rich in sugars. This results in enlarged pores, wrinkles, pimples and other skin problems. Read the article and learn how to fight sugar complexion!

The wrong skin care products can only worsen the condition of your skin. It is therefore important to be fully aware of the purpose of the products you use. A diet low in protein, with an excess of carbohydrates, simple and complex sugars is reflected in the condition of your skin, which is not lacking in pus and redness.

What is a sugar complexion?

“Sugar complexion” is a term used to describe a face that is gray, unhealthy, and full of skin lesions. We can often see bruises under the eyes and discoloration on the forehead. In addition to pimples on the face, they are also found on the cleavage and shoulders and often cause pain when touched. Sugar face is not provided with all the nutrients at a deeper level of functioning, making it look thin.

Too many carbohydrates in the diet are behind this skin appearance. When we say carbohydrates, we mean simple and complex sugars such as pasta, bread, chocolate and cookies. A poorly balanced diet leads to unstable blood glucose levels. Too much negatively affects the elasticity of collagen and elastin, responsible for skin firmness. A small amount of these products makes the skin look old, is full of wrinkles, loses its radiance

Excess glucose leads to malfunction of the intestines, insulin levels are too high, which is reflected in the form of frequent feelings of stress. Protein reduction leads to an increase in acne and is associated with a change in skin coloration. Excess carbs in the diet contribute to altered fat management, which translates to a slender face and sunken skin

How to fight sugar complexion?

You can remedy this problem by restoring the proper balance of ingredients in your diet. This involves reducing the amount of bread, pasta or sweets. By slowly eliminating carbohydrates from your diet, you will begin to see results after just a few weeks.

Choose your skin care according to your skin type. Sensitive skin, prone to dryness, will need creams with deeply moisturizing properties. If you have oily skin, you can resign from excessive use of oils, and you can remove accumulated sebum and dead skin with the use of enzymatic peeling. The most important thing is to keep a close eye on your skin. If you notice that after using a particular cosmetic your face is full of eruptions and pimples, change the product. Perhaps you are allergic to one of the ingredients contained in the cream. This is where natural cosmetics can help. Make sure to visit a dermatologist, who will help you determine the inflammation and prescribe appropriate drugs with antibacterial, exfoliating and sebum-reducing properties.

In the care of demanding skin, Retinol is reliable, which shrinks pores, exfoliates the skin and mobilizes new cells to grow. When introducing this product into your daily care, you should observe the behavior of your skin.

In addition to properly selected skin care cosmetics, you must also take care of your insides. Pay attention to the low glycemic index of products, eliminate fast food, highly processed products and sugary drinks

Focus on thoroughly cleansing your face every day. Oils work great for removing makeup. Remember to use a day and night moisturizer. The resulting sebum is a great environment for bacteria to grow, so regular cleansing is a must

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