How to apply concealer on your face? Avoid these 5 mistakes and your makeup will be perfect

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Concealer is an essential cosmetic that every woman should have in her makeup kit. Camouflage imperfections plays an important role in both delicate daytime make-up and is very useful when applying evening make-up. Its application is trivial if you follow a few rules. What mistakes should you avoid?

A concealer that is properly matched to your skin type can perfectly conceal dark circles under your eyes and beautifully highlight your face. It is a great product that can work wonders when used correctly. Find out how to use concealer to enhance your beauty in a natural way. Learn some tips that will help you always look radiant and stunning

5 mistakes when applying concealer to your face

The wrong concealer

Your concealer should be slightly lighter than your foundation. It can be very difficult to find the perfect shade that looks natural, yet masks dark circles and imperfections, giving your skin a warm look. An interesting solution is to test two or three products that, when combined, can turn out to be that perfect concealer to suit our complexion. You can find a set of several shades of concealer in drugstores, this can be a fantastic option when we are on the search for the perfect one

Apply concealer directly to your face

To get the most from your concealer, apply it to your foundation or BB cream. It’s easier to apply on lightly moisturised skin than on bare skin. Simply put, concealer works best when combined with other concealing products

Lack of proper skin care

An under-eye concealer, even a top-of-the-line one, won’t conceal dark circles or improve skin tone if it’s not properly cared for. The skin under the eyes needs special moisturizing and very gentle cosmetics. Only firm and supple skin makes makeup only enhance the natural charm and beauty of the person who is wearing it. Dry skin will not look aesthetically pleasing, even under several layers of make-up

Brightening unsuitable areas on the face

The purpose of applying illuminating concealer is to highlight the strengths of our beauty. That’s why we apply it to the cheekbones, the back of the nose, the cupid’s bow and the forehead. When applying under the eyes, you cannot simply massage the product into the eye area. For a natural-looking brightening effect, it needs to blend smoothly into the rest of the face. A great way to do this is to blend concealer with bronzer or foundation

Applying concealer directly to acne lesions

Blemishes are not easy areas to hide during the makeup phase, but it is not impossible. All you need to do is properly prepare the skin with acne problems. First of all, it is advisable to perform a gentle face scrub before applying makeup and then cover the face with a small amount of oil with plant extract

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