How to dress a child in winter?

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Winter weather is really challenging. Therefore, many parents wonder what to dress their toddler for a walk or going to kindergarten. We suggest what clothes to choose for your child in winter.

Throwing snowballs, making a snowman, or sledding… in winter the youngest have a lot of fun. However, there is also the time of year when parents think hard about what to wear for their kids. We suggest what clothes to choose for winter.

Winter clothes for a few years old children

Children love winter games outside. However, what clothes should you choose so that the child does not get cold in the cold, nor heated from too many layers? The onion method will work perfectly. Start by dressing the child in a soft undershirt and warm tights, if there is more frost and snow outside

Then put on warm pants and a comfortable top – fashionable blouses for girls and boys or warm sweaters will be perfect. An obvious element of winter outfits for children is also a jacket. Choose the one that will protect the toddler against the cold but at the same time will not restrict his movements while playing outside. Colorful children’s overalls will also be a comfortable and warm solution

Don’t forget accessories such as a hat that covers the ears, a warm scarf and gloves. When it comes to shoes, waterproof models are the best choice, as they can withstand even long periods of play in the snow. Remember also to check the child’s temperature regularly while playing outside. The best and also the simplest method is to touch the neck of the toddler. If the child is sweaty, it means that it is too warm, while a cool neck means that an extra layer of clothes would be useful.

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Clothes for baby

Winter walks with a tiny baby are extremely important for its health. Thanks to such daily outings, the toddler will toughen up and strengthen its immunity. In addition, the baby, which regularly walks, sleeps better, has a better appetite and is much less prone to infections. But how to dress the toddler, so that he does not catch cold? The basic rule recommended by pediatricians is to dress the child on the onion

Remember also, that the baby’s clothes should not restrict movement, must be breathable, comfortable and easy to take off. As the first layer of clothing choose a bodysuit or long-sleeved shirt and tights. Over this wear a warm fleece top or sweater and soft, comfortable pants

You can also opt for a warm romper. For the top, a one-piece overalls is the best option. If it does not have covered feet, remember about extra socks. Be sure to put on a warm hat, preferably wool or fleece, and warm gloves.

Do not forget that in the case of the youngest children, in addition to clothing, a huge role is also played by the walking kit. First of all, take care of a suitable stroller. The best will be a carrycot, which you can additionally secure in case of snowfall. In addition, the stroller should have a warm sleeping bag or blanket, with which you can additionally cover the toddler.

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