In Celebrity Style: What Anna Lewandowska taught us about fashion

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Anna Lewandowska is one of the most famous WAGs, who has her own unique style. What fashion rules should you introduce into your closet, following the example of Robert Lewandowski’s beautiful wife?

Show off your legs

Anna Lewandowska likes to emphasize her shapely, athletic legs. We often see her in short dresses, skirts and shorts, which she matches with ultra-feminine heeled shoes or comfortable, sporty platform sneakers. Let us learn from her how to emphasize the assets of our figure. If slender, long legs are our strong point – let us unveil them without any complexes!

Beautiful cleavage is a woman’s weapon

Although Robert Lewandowski’s wife, due to her profession, usually appears in sporty outfits – for big events she wears stunning, perfectly tailored and tailored to her figure outfits. She often opts for long evening dresses with cleavage that guarantee the WOW effect. She shows off her small breasts with taste and never looks vulgar or provocative – surely this is also due to her good quality bra. So it is worth following her example in this matter as well.

Ramones are a must have for women’s closet

For many of her outfits Anna Lewandowska matches a classic black ramono jacket. This comfortable and timeless jacket looks great with jeans, dress or skirt. If a jacket made of natural leather is too much for us (a leather jacket costs 800-1000 PLN), we can always buy its variant made of ecological leather. What else should we wear to look as beautiful as a titled karate player?

A large bag – a practical everyday accessory

Anna Lewandowska is a fan of large, capacious bags – we can often admire models by the best world designers, whose prices reach even several dozen thousand zlotys. Of course, it does not mean that we should go into debt to follow the star’s fashion footsteps. We can buy a shopper bag or a bag type in any chain store and look attractive, just like a fitness trainer (a wide range of nice bags can be found in such stores as Mango, Zara, H&M). A model with many compartments will accommodate all personal belongings. We will certainly be satisfied with a purchase of a practical bag in XXL size, which will facilitate our daily errands in the city.

Boots are a woman’s friend

The most famous fitness trainer often walks in suede over-the-knee boots. Anna Lewandowska knows very well that this type of shoes makes legs look longer and makes even the simplest outfit look very feminine. For many outings she wears grey, black or beige high boots, which are perfect in autumn and winter to protect against the cold. This type of footwear matches both with fitted jeans and mini skirt, we can wear them in many ways, mixing with different elements of clothing. Following Anna Lewandowska’s taste, it is worth having at least one pair of boots in your collection.

Leggings and sports top – a look for every fitness fan

Robert Lewandowski’s wife is famous for popularizing a healthy lifestyle. A large part of her closet is filled with sporty fitness outfits in energetic colors. If you like to exercise and want to look fashionable while visiting the gym or fitness club, invest in a good quality sports top and ¾ leggings, which the Polish trainer likes to wear.

Fot. Isa Foltin/ German Select/ Getty Images

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